Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E3 Trailer for Disney Infinity Gameplay

Now the Disney Infinity E3 2013 Trailer experience of a lifetime is the Disney Infinity E3 2013 Trailer event of the year. Astonishing. Visionary. More title cards than ever before. With special appearances from Sulley, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and countless Disney and Pixar characters in player-created worlds of adventure, high-octane racing, combat, and visceral, heart-stopping ornamental shrubbery. 


Disney Interactive presents DISNEY INFINITY, where your favorite Disney and Pixar characters come together in countless adventures that are as wild—and irreverent—as your imagination. 

Play in their worlds. Experience the worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Monsters University. Take on the role of Sulley, the naturally gifted "scarer"; become Captain Jack Sparrow, and fight Davy Jones to rule the Seven Seas; or transform yourself into Mr. Incredible, and use your super strength to save the city from Syndrome and his robot army. 

Or create your own. Unlock virtual toys, characters, vehicles, buildings, weapons, gadgets, and more—and bring them into the Disney Infinity Toy Box where you can mix them all up to create your own worlds and adventures. Race. Fight. Build. Fly. Compete. Grief your friends. In the Disney Infinity Toy Box, there are no rules. If you can dream it, you can do it.

For more information join the official Disney Infinity Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/disneyinfinity or visit the official sitehttps://infinity.disney.com/toy-box

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