Monday, May 20, 2013

The Walking Dead Mystery Minis from Funko

The Walking Dead: Mystery Minis 
I'm not sure how much more I can take.
The amount of ABSOLUTE AWESOME being thrown my way is enough to make a person crazy!
Coo Coo.
I mean, just when I think I have a favorite 2013 release - something like THIS comes along!?!?!?
**Gimme Hands**
My new favorite 2013 Funko release: The Walking Dead Blind Box.
They are SICK!

The Walking Dead 2.5" Mystery Minis:
2 - Kick<a-word> Brothers (regular & blood splatter)
8 - Totally Gruesome Zombies
4 - Mind Blowing Zombie Variants (blood splatter & glow in the dark)

The detail work on these? Stupid good!
Does Well Zombie actually pull apart in half exposing awesome guts?
Why yes...Yes he does!
I'm BEYOND in love. 

Rarity Scale Below.

Just like the Funko Disney Mystery Minis, the Walking Dead Mystery Minis look to be a huge hit. We love the Disney Mystery Minis and since we are huge Walking Dead fans, these will be a must to add to the collection. The Walking Dead Mystery Minis were created by Funko artist Reis O'Brien. 

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