Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Bad Bad Buddha Customs from Beefy & Co's "So BadAss, It's Good" show

One of the highlights for me (Obscure), so far this year, was being part of Beefy & Co's, "So BadAss, It's Good" show, which was showcased at Beefy's booth at the WonderCon.  It was an honor to have my work displayed next to so many incredible artists whom I admire.  It gave me a boost of confidence that my work needed.  It made me really step my custom game up.  To top that off, I made some friends in the process.  As the San Diego Comic Con, draws near, we get ready for Beefy & Co's next custom show, "The Ghost Within Us", which will feature customs from another incredible line-up, many of which are returning from the last show.  I am again honored to have my name on that list of artists.  I have not shared any WIPs of my contribution yet, but until then please enjoy some pics of my BBBs.  The first is my Bad Bad Ganesha and the second is my giant, standing in at about 24" tall, the Big Bad Cyclops King.  Both are available for purchase.  If interested please visit Beefy & Co's website.  They can both be purchased there under the events tab.  You may also contact me directly at  I am also open for commissions.  Thanks! 

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