Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Legend of the Shadow Clan #4 Preview from Aspen Comics

David Wohl ­ Story / Cory Smith ­ Art / Jon Starr - Colors

What is the mystery of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOW CLAN?

Now that Morgan Himura and her family have learned that they're descendants
of a long line of ninja warriors called the Shadow Clan, one would think
that their lives would vastly improve. Especially since the Himura siblings
seem to be gaining a better understanding of their unique abilities and
talents--especially Morgan, who has always excelled at anything she's put
her mind to. But, there's a reason why the Shadow Clan had been in hiding
for centuries--and now that the Himuras are out in the open, their ancient
enemy, the Ghost Clan, has wasted no time in tracking them down. Ready or
not, today is the day the Ghost Clan takes the fight to the Shadow Clan!

Preview Pages in Legend of the Shadow Clan #4

Writer David Wohl is joined by the artistic talents of Cory Smith and
colorist John Starr, as they bring to you the thrilling new adventures of

LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN #4 is in stores May 8th, 2013!

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