Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Encounter with a Star Wars 12 Foot Death Star Pinata on May the 4th

This past Saturday, May 4th was truly an amazing day for comic book fans and Star Wars fans alike. May the 4th is not only known as Star Wars Day, "May the 4th Be With You", but we were fortunate to also have it as Free Comic Book Day. Our adventures would begin at our comic book shops here in Tucson, AZ where we would make our first stop at Heroes and Villains, then off to R-Galaxy, and end up at Fantasy Comics. We got our share of all the free comics we were in the hunt for including of course the annual Dark Horse Comics, Star Wars FCBD comic with a story by Brian Wood. 

A normal Free Comic Book Day would end here at visiting the comic shops, but we were going to be making an important trip to Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson. Hotel Congress would be hosting an event that I will always remember, especially because we are big Star Wars fans. To celebrate May the 4th, Hotel Congress along with sponsors, Bookman's and Phoenix Comic Con, and the 501st Dune Sea Garrison, we would get the privilege to see the incredible 12 foot Star Wars Death Star Pinata that was being held by a crane! Yes, you heard it right, a crane!!! 

Seeing the size of the Death Star left me speechless, and to know that it was actually a Pinata blew my mind. One lucky child would win the opportunity to actually carry a giant Lightsaber that would help open the pinata to release over 50lbs. of candy. 

What would a Star Wars event be without famous Star Wars characters? Thanks to the 501st Dune Sea Garrison who showed up to the event to take pictures with all the event goers. Hotel Congress set up the event in all areas including of course inside and outside in the back area. The events would include Star Wars Xbox Kinect gaming inside, an amazing Trivia for children that won amazing prizes from Bookman's, a costume contest, and finished off with the breaking of the Death Star Pinata. 

Jedi in Training! 

One lucky child would be chosen to hold a giant Lightsaber that would help to release the candy. 

It would soon be time to finally see the Death Star Pinata be destroyed to save the Galaxy. 

The Star Wars event would bring in all ages. I am sure everyone was just as curious as we were to see how the Death Star Pinata was going to release the candy without injury because of how massive it was. It was made very creatively with an opening at the bottom that would be pulled by a string to release a flap. 

The Death Star Pinata was filled with so much candy that it took a little help with the giant Lightsaber to pull it down to all the children happily getting their candy. 

This is the opening of the 12 foot Star Wars Death Star Pinata that would be the end result of a successful event to please everyone of all ages. No matter how many times we would like at the size of the Death Star, we had to wonder who created this awesome creation. We would learn that it was a local Tucson artist, Moises Orozco who we had to talk to to learn how he created it. He was very excited in how incredible the Death Star turned out and seeing how happy everyone was. We asked him if we could interview him about his Death Star and we will be sharing it very soon. Stay tuned!

 Moises Orozco, Creator of the 12 foot Death Star Pinata

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