Monday, April 8, 2013

Woolbuddy at Wondercon Anaheim 2013

There was a T-Rex on the WonderCon show floor! 

It's okay though no attendees were harmed. This T-Rex was made of wool and was about 10-feet tall. Of course the T-Rex was eye catching and it is what first drew me to the Woolbuddy booth. These little and not so little premium handcrafted toys are all made from wool. They are soft and definitely adorable. Yes even you Mr. T-Rex. There was definitely something for everyone. 

I loved that there were do-it-yourself kits. The WoolBuddy kits came with varying degrees of difficulty. 

If you didn't want to channel your crafty side you can also get them already made.  Did you notice the tiny R2D2 on the R2D2?

Check out Woolbuddy's site
on the Etsy store.

Keep an eye out for the large T-Rex too!

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