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Image Comics is proud to present the definitive edition tale of Sherlock Holmes' greatest nemesis with a deluxe edition hardcover edition of MORIARTY. Praised by both critics and fans during its 9-issue run, the mystery/adventure series from writer Daniel Corey, artist Anthony Diecidue (Stan Lee's TIME JUMPER) and featured guest artist Mike Vosburg (HBO Tales from the Crypt) is finally collected into one complete volume. MORIARTY: DELUXE EDITION HARDCOVER features both The Dark Chamber and The Lazarus Tree storylines, as well as plenty of exclusive bonus galleries and behind-the-scenes material. 

It is the dawn of World War I, and Sherlock Holmes has been dead for 20 years. Professor James Moriarty is a lost man, but he's called back into the fray when MI5 blackmails him into finding Holmes' long-lost brother, Mycroft. What at first appears to be a routine case leads to a web of intrigue that involves a psychic box and its creator, a woman from Moriarty's past, and a new villain that threatens to be greater than Moriarty ever was.

Here is just a sample of the critical acclaim that MORIARTY has received:

"Daniel Corey fills me with rage!  He's young, he's a gifted writer, and he came up with one of those awesome one-line ideas that I love:  Moriarty after Holmes!  Rage, I say!" – Scott Lobdell (Writer - Superman, Teen Titans)

 "As a Holmes fan, I loved this fresh and atmospherically illustrated take on one of the great literary antagonists.” – Gabriel Hardman (Writer/Artist - Star Wars: Legacy, Planet of the Apes, Station to Station, Kinski, Hulk, Secret Avengers)

"Daniel Corey not only gives us a fresh and fascinating take on one of the most legendary villains in literary history, but he does it with such skill that you'll find yourself rooting for the 'bad guy.' An absolute 'must read!" – Jenna Busch (Entertainment Editor,; Host, Cocktails with Stan Lee)

"MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER is irresistible. Professor James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis, drawn from retirement and off on his own death-defying adventure? It's one of those simple, perfect ideas you kick yourself for not thinking of first, and Corey and Diecidue carry it off in fine style." -- Scott Tipton (Writer - Illyria: Haunted, Star Trek: Infestation)

"[MORIARTY] takes an intriguing look at that relationship between good and evil." – Brian Truitt (Writer - USA Today)

MORIARTY: DELUXE EDITION HARDCOVER, a 272-page, full-color collection, will be on sale in stores June 5th for $29.99 and is available to order in the April 2013 edition of Diamond Previews (APR130457, ISBN: 978-1-60706-685-9). For more information, please visit and

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