Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marvel's Iron Man Ultimate Marathon Contest Presented by Harkins Theatres and Angry Koala Gear

Well, the Angry Koala Gear crew has some incredible news for Iron Man fans! We were fortunate enough to team up with Harkins Theatres to giveaway a few of the Ultimate Iron Man Marathon packages for the Tucson Spectrum 18 location.  This is definitely an amazing event any Iron Man or Marvel Avengers fan will want to attend.  

The Ultimate Iron Man Marathon includes: 
• Admission to Iron ManIron Man 2Marvel's The Avengers in 3D and the 
          9PM premiere of Marvel's Iron Man 3 in 3D
        • One Loyalty Cup voucher, includes first fill FREE  
        • One small popcorn (to be enjoyed the day of the event)
        • Commemorative Iron Man lanyard

The event is on Thursday, May 2nd at 1pm and attendees will be watching all four movies with the premiere of Marvel's Iron Man 3 in 3D at 9pm. 
Ok, now here is the fun part of giving away of these amazing Iron Man packages! We are giving away two pairs of Marvel Iron Man Ultimate Marathon packages, plus one more individual package, making it a grand total of FIVE Marvel Iron Man Ultimate Marathon packages ($30 value each). We have been fortunate to team up with Harkins Theatres before in contests, but we are doing something a bit different in this contest to make it fun! 
Here are the rules:
The contest will be starting immediately and ending on Friday, April 26th at 12pm. 
There are only a few conditions of this contest, which will be very easy. 
First, you must follow us on Twitter @angrykoalagear and Instagram @angrykoalagear
Second, be on the look out for a special Iron Man tweet regarding the contest   
Next rule is when it gets fun!!

Participants will be required to share a favorite photo of your interpretation of Iron Man, whether it be an action figure, yourself dressed as Iron Man, or being very creative. 
*Please keep photos family friendly (Inappropriate content will disqualify participant immediately) 

There are three ways to enter your photo for the contest: 
1) For Twitter, add the photo and mention us @angrykoalagear and @harkinstheatres
2) For Instagram, add the photo and tag us @angrykoalagear and @harkinstheatres
3) For Facebook, add the photo to our page,

Once you have added the photo, you will be entered in the contest. Participants will be qualified for three entries if you choose to add your photos in Angry Koala Gear's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! (Please do not forget to mention both Angry Koala Gear and Harkins Theatres though) 

Well, it is just that simple. Again, the contest will end on Friday, April 26 at 12pm and we will choose a winner randomly shortly after. 

The winner MUST provide their name, phone number and email address to provide this information to Harkins Theatres. Once this is done, Angry Koala Gear will contact the winner to pick up their tickets at the Harkins Theatres Tucson Spectrum 18 location. 
Good luck and hopefully the Angry Koala Gear crew will see you at this amazing event! 
Thanks again to Harkins Theatres for this awesome opportunity!

The Marvel Iron Man Ultimate Marathon packages are available for sale at Harkins Theatres

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