Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jirni #1 from Aspen Comics In Stores Tomorrow

Aspen is pleased to announce that the third release in their ambitious “10 for 10” initiative, Jirni #1 by J.T. Krul, Paolo Pantalena and Brett Smith, has ordered in excess of over 36,000 copies and will feature a large array of retailer exclusive covers personalized for each individual store. Aspen Owner and President Frank Mastromauro discusses:

“To say we're happy with the response to Jirni #1 would be a complete understatement. Though we felt the property would do well, we're thrilled with the amount of feedback and interest we've received on it so far. JT, Paolo and Brett did an amazing job on this book and I cannot wait to hear what the fans think about it. This series marks our highest selling '10 for 10' debut this year, and I don't see that slowing down anytime soon!”

Aspen is pricing each debut #1 “10 for 10” issue for the affordable price of only $1 and is also offering other incentives for each release such as original hand-drawn sketch covers, CGC editions, and special retailer incentive covers by popular artists J. Scott Campbell and Eric “Ebas” Basaldua.

Fans and new Aspen readers who add each of the “10 for 10” titles to their comic shop’s local subscription service will be eligible to receive the special Aspen Reserved Edition variant covers. Those fans who collect all ten Aspen Reserved Edition #1 covers will receive a free full-size Aspen “Perfect 10’s” Jam Poster featuring all ten “10 for 10” covers on one image colored by superstar colorist Peter Steigerwald. The Jirni #1 Aspen Reserved Edition cover features artwork by series artist Paolo Pantalena and Steigerwald.

Aspen encourages everyone to check out the release of Jirni #1 for only $1 on April 17th.

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