Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interview with MissyMToyz

From left to right:  JRad, Beefy, MissyMToyz, and Obscure
Wonder Con 2013 was a great time for the Angry Koala Gear crew, especially for myself.  The Cons are always good, whether we are there as press, covering the event, or have our own booth.  This time around, I had the honor of taking part of Beefy & Co's custom Bad Bad Buddha show, titled, "So BadAss, It's Good."  I spent a lot of my time hanging out at Beefy's booth and had the chance to connect with a few of the awesome artists that were involved in the show, including JRad, MannyX, Uncle, Deeten, and Spanky Stokes... but another awesome artist I had the pleasure of meeting and getting the chance to know was Marisa Ng, a.k.a. "MissyMToyz."  She is new to the scene, but is already making some veteran moves with her resin figure, "Lil Buddha."  I sent some questions over to MissyM so we can all get to know her a little better.  Here is what she had to say...

Obscure:  So first of all I just want to say it was an honor meeting and getting the chance to talk to you over at Beefy & Co's booth at Wonder Con.  It is always cool to connect with artists that are doing what I'm doing and even better meeting an artist that is doing something that I wish I could do.  It inspires me on my hustle.

MissyMToyz:  It's a pleasure meeting you I gotta say!! 

Obscure:  First, give me and everyone else a little background on Marisa "MissyMToyz".  How and when did you get into designer toys?  How did Lil Buddha come about?
MissyMToyz:  As a toy collector myself, I met a great artist who also makes toys.  I was super curious on how people make toys.  He invited me over and I told him I wanted to make something.  He then gave me a clump of clay and from then on, it was history.  I made my first toy which is Lil Buddha.  I told the manager at Kidrobot in SF and I showed it to her.  She told me that i have a talent that i never discovered.  She offered to place it on display at the store.  I left for Asia for a few months and received emails and offers to buy my Buddha.  I then came back and decided to produce my Buddha since there was a demand for it.  From then on, I've been making toys.  I made Lil Buddha 8 months ago.  Began to make more pieces for only a month.  I'm super new in this industry and I'm truly blessed to have the support form other great artist.
Obscure:  This piece literally feels like a bronze statue (weight and it feels cold like metal).  What material is made from?  
MissyMToyz:  Lil Buddha is a 6" poly resin piece. 
Obscure:  There are a lot of artists, such as myself, that want to get noticed.  How did you end up getting your Lil Buddha into places like TAG for example?  If it's a hustler secret, you don't have to be specific, but maybe just a general idea? 
MissyMToyz:  My hustling secret is honestly no secret at all...  LOL...  I just pranced myself into specialty toy stores and asked them if they were willing to do a consignment with me. Pretty simple. 
Obscure:  What advice do you have for other artists?  
MissyMToyz:  My advice to other artists....  continue your passion and your dreams and you will succeed!❤  I believe that if you are passionate enough about something, it will all come together unexpectedly and slap you in the face without you even knowing it was coming.  Just be ready for it when it comes and when the slaps and punches come, embrace it and love it! ❤
Obscure:  Your Lil Buddha is awesome!  How can the fans get their hands on one of these guys!
MissyMToyz:  There are a few sites/stores carrying Lil Buddha at the moment.  Toy Art Gallery...  Beefy & Co...  De Korner...  Bait LA... and my MissyMtoyZ site is currently in the works.
MissyMToyz left off with a few last inspiring words...
"Many people can help me and inspire me. Actually everyone inspires me in one way or another.  Everyone I come across in my life make and impact in my life...  Even if it was just an old frail lady smiling at me in the streets of Vietnam smoking a pipe!  I love life in general. ❤"
I gotta say that her story has inspired me on my hustle as an artist.  So be on the look out for more of my projects.  I know I haven't been sharing my work in awhile, but it's coming.  I will be dropping a lot on you very soon!  I just want to thank MissyMToyz for taking the time to answer my questions and giving us a small look of what she is all about.  Please keep your eyes out for her site and pick up one of her Lil Buddhas. 

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