Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not Guilty By Reason of Zombification? Panel at WonderCon

After unprecedented audience response to presentations at Comic-Con and WonderCon, the doctors of Broadcast Thought, H. Eric Bender, M.D.Praveen R. Kambam, M.D., and Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D., return to WonderCon for another must-see panel.  On Friday, March 29, 2013, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in Room 213, they will team up with the lawyers of Law and the Multiverse, authors of “The Law of Superheroes,” James Daily, J.D.,and Ryan Davidson, J.D., to present “Not Guilty By Reason of Zombification? Law and Forensic Psychiatry After the Zombie Apocalypse.  

Together they will offer fascinating insights into the legal issues in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world.  Do zombies have the same legal rights as their human counterparts?  What criminal charges would the surviving humans face?  Would a “cured” zombie still be found guilty of the murders it committed as a zombie? Explore these and other scenarios facing humans, zombies, and former zombies alike during a zombie apocalypse.  Broadcast Thought and Law and the Multiverse will present a never-before-seen mock trial at WonderCon.  The lawyers will be the prosecution and defense, the doctors will be the expert witnesses, and you will be the jury.  Join them, and discover whether the walking dead will be found guilty or sent walking free!

About Broadcast Thought: 
Broadcast Thought is comprised of H. Eric Bender, M.D., Praveen R. Kambam, M.D., and Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D., three physicians specializing in forensic, child and adolescent, and adult psychiatry.  The doctors serve as creative consultants and subject matter experts to the media and entertainment industries and co-produce mental health related content.
Broadcast Thought’s Comic-Con and WonderCon appearances have drawn capacity crowds, and their approach has been featured in The New York TimesThe Huffington PostWiredABC NewsAOL News, British Medical JournalNewsaramaEntertainment Weekly, and Discover.

About Law and the Multiverse: 

James Daily, J.D., and Ryan Davidson, J.D., are the legal minds behind the popular blog Law and the Multiverse.  In it, they explore the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book tropes, characters, and powers. 

Law and the Multiverse has been featured in The New York Times, Mother Jones, NPR’s All Things Considered, Marketplace, the ABA Journal, and many other publications, radio shows, blogs, podcasts, and websites, both in the U.S. and around the world.

“Not Guilty By Reason of Zombification? Law and Forensic Psychiatry After the Zombie Apocalypse” takes place on Friday, March 29, 2013, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in Room 213, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. 

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