Friday, March 15, 2013

Murs & 9th Wonder "What Up Tho" Music Video Behind the Scenes Footage

Pop Culture can be defined in many factors and for the Angry Koala Gear crew, we define it in many genres from comic books, toys, movies and TV, and art. Art can then be broken down into paintings, designer toys, sculptures, and music. We have not done a lot of stories in music, but we were given a perfect opportunity by seeing the actual recording of a music video and we were excited to know it would be from one of my favorites. I grew up to Hip Hop literally and have seen many artists come and go. Hip Hop is truly amazing in itself because it contains four elements, MCing/Rapping, the DJ, Breakdancing, and Graffiti writing. Hip Hop may have many definitions and styles and the Underground is what I choose. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, I grew up listening to KDAY back in the day, when it was on AM 1580. (Giving away the age a bit) I would grow up listening to the beginnings of West Coast Hip Hop to the originals from the East Coast. I can say I saw the progression of Rap music and still remember when people say it would not last. I have always enjoyed the Hip Hop music that did not get enough radio play, which is labeled in the Underground. Plenty of artists that I have heard from their beginnings may include Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Main Source, D.I.T.C., Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Visionaries, Ras Kass, Chino XL, the Likwit crew, Soul Assassins, Slum Village, Living Legends, and so many more. Many groups and artists that did make it mainstream may exist today, but may be considered underground now. There is something about the Underground that has a unique sound and the artists have something to say with meaning. One of those artists that I have enjoyed since he began with Living Legends is Murs. Murs has an amazing style and his lyrics to me are one of the best. Interesting factors about Murs is that he and I actually have some similarities in that we grew up in Los Angeles and would somehow end up in Tucson, AZ. That may be about it though because he has the flows and I do not. We met by accident though and would learn that he loves comics as much as we do as how we would meet at Charlie's Comics here in Tucson. From that point of meeting him, I have been able to chat with him a few times and Interview him, which has led to being able to be behind the scenes of his new music video, What Up Tho

Where there was an empty room, it would be transformed to look like a cafeteria for this messy video, "What Up Tho".

Pictures of the food that would be served

Murs is preparing some of the meals

The group getting ready for the briefing of the video

Hobo Stew and Murs setting up the gameplan

So it Begins!

Lining up for Lunch (Ammo)

Need to pile those trays up for the food fight

Regrouping for scene

Murs did not care for this guy

Everyone is making sure they have their ammo 

Setting up for the three to get hit

He was not ready for this

The group is getting ready for the food fight 

Beginning of the food fight

Results of a successful food fight

Payback to Murs

Murs getting hit hard with the food

Fresh salad anyone?

Chillin in my B Boy Stance

Murs having some fun with the group

Murs sharing his Breakdancing skills

 Flowing for the camera

Hot and Spicy Pork Skins anyone? Crazzzyyy!!!

Murs sharing the love as he does at all his shows! 

Murs and 9th Wonder "What Up Tho"

Angry Koala Gear's Exclusive Behind the Scenes of Murs "What Up Tho"

Murs and I after the shoot

We want to thank Murs and Hobo Stew for allowing us to be at the What Up Tho filming! We had a blast and hope to be able to be behind the scenes again. Next stop to see Murs and many more incredible Hip Hop artists will be the Paid Dues on Saturday, March 30th! 

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