Monday, March 11, 2013

Lady Mechanika News from the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention II

The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention II was this past weekend at the Old Tucson Studios. Being our first Steampunk con, we knew we would be in for a treat to see amazing costumes and weapons, the amazing scenery of Old Tucson Studios, and chat with one of our favorite comic creators, Joe Benitez, creator of Lady Mechanika. Lady Mechanika is an amazing comic series that Joe Benitez created with a great story and of course his art. 

What could be better to get Lady Mechanika art on the Official Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention II Program Guide and the Passes? How about Lady Mechanika updates!! 

We have followed Lady Mechanika from the beginning when it first began with issue #0, which we have news to talk about a little later from. Lady Mechanika fans should be very pleased to know that we have some news to share about the return of Lady Mechanika. While many rumors have been spreading that Lady Mechanika was cancelled, this is definitely not true. Joe Benitez did leave Aspen Comics, but he is currently working on Lady Mechanika #4. We will definitely share some updates as we get them from Joe himself! 

Last week, Lady Mechanika fans got a special treat in a teaser of what is to come on the Lady Mechanika Facebook page. 

As soon as we saw this knowing we would see Joe at the Wild Wild West Steampunk Con, we got in contact with him immediately to make sure we could get some updates. He is currently working with Prototypez Studios to create an unpainted resin model kit of Lady Mechanika with amazing detail. We were able to learn which Lady Mechanika that Joe wants to go with in this hopeful first of many pieces. The work is in progress now, so details are sure to come soon. Stay tuned! 

Joe Benitez gave us a treat by telling us that his banner is actually what we can expect from the Lady Mechanika unpainted resin figure. We were excited and grateful that he would share this with us. It happens to be the Cover A for Lady Mechanika #0

This would not be the only updates that Joe shared with us in Lady Mechanika news. He went on to say that he hopes to work with new artists and writers to create One Shots in peoples interpretations of Lady Mechanika and maybe even a characters perspective in witnessing Lady Mechanika in action. One of the artist that Joe mentioned he would love to collaborate with would be Adam Hughes. (This would be awesome!) He is also looking into branching out with future characters in Steampunk and wants to bring some of his other characters he has created to life.

It was great seeing Joe Benitez again and thank you for sharing the Lady Mechanika updates with Angry Koala Gear. Joe Benitez' next stop will be WonderCon Anaheim 2013. See you there! 

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