Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Weapons #1 Gets 2nd Printing

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Jimmie Robinson's new series delivers fun, freshness

The Image Comics imprint Shadowline, helmed by Image co-founder Jim Valentino, has another hit on its hands with Jimmie Robinson's FIVE WEAPONS, as the first issue sold out in its first week of release, prompting an immediate reprint.
The second printing of FIVE WEAPONS #1 will be in stores on April 3 and it can be pre-ordered now (Diamond Comics code JAN138340).
A young-adult-friendly story of the "new kid" at a high school that trains the children of the world's greatest assassins, FIVE WEAPONS has been roundly praised for its fresh take on a manga-esque concept:
"'Five Weapons is both fun and clever, and that's a combination you shouldn't ever pass up."
- Comic Book Resources (4-star review)

"Five Weapons is a textbook example of how to create a first issue that leaves readers wanting more as soon as possible. Robinson introduces the main character, uses his unfamiliarity with the setting as an excuse to drop a lot of information on us, gives us brief and evocative descriptions of the cast, seeds a few mysteries, delivers a good amount of action, and then leaves you wanting more. It's a good comic, with an absurd idea played perfectly straight for a setting, with a good protagonist. The art is engaging and the story shows promise. It's well worth your time."
- Comics Alliance

"Five Weapons is deserving of the highest of recommendations for anyone who loves the comic medium and it's pretty age appropriate for younger readers too. Every aspect of Five Weapons adds to a unique comic experience, with a script that is as colorful and varied as the joyful cartooning that it's paired with. There's no end to the amount of fun, humor, light action, and mystery that is packed across every page."
- Multiversity Comics

"Everything about this is so fun that its going to keep me coming back for more, that's for sure."
- Major Spoilers (4.5-star review)

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