Monday, March 4, 2013

Beefy & Co.'s "So Badass, It's Good" Custom Toy Show at WonderCon 2013

WonderCon Anaheim 2013 will be on the weekend of March 29th - March 31st and we are excited to be attending once again. We had a blast last year in attending our first WonderCon and met quite a few great artists, writers, and creators. One of those guests that we had the opportunity to meet and  Interview was Beefy from Beefy & Co. and we were glad that we did because of what he created and what was to come, Bad Bad Buddha. We have followed his work in the progress of Bad Bad Buddha and seen the exclusives in various shows as Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo and DesignerCon. We love the sculpt of the figure! During this time of staying in contact with Beefy, we have had great interaction, which he invited AKG's very own Matt Perez aka Obscure to be part of Beefy & Co's "So Badass, It's Good" Custom Show at WonderCon. 

The "So Badass, It's Good" Show consists of 28 artists that will be customizing Beefy & Co's Bad Bad Buddha vinyl figure and creating their own masterpieces and what we have seen is truly amazing. 

Original Bad Bad Buddha Edition

In the last few weeks it has been fun seeing the great progress and creativity in the artists' pieces. We have a few WIP photos and teasers of what will be to come at Beefy & Co.'s "So Badass, It's Good" Custom Show at WonderCon 2013 on March 29th - March 31st.

Beefy's BBB looks like "Big Bad Bunny"

Big C's "Self Sustaining Buddha"

Uncle's "Nagol"

Uncle's "Stay Puft"

Wip by Shadoe Delgado

Grits "Monster Genie Baby"

Wip by Jay222

Troy Martin's  Wip "Ewok"

Wip  by kOmega

Wip by Kool51Designs

Wip Accessories for Kool51Designs

Wip by Tim Wollweber

Created by Kool51Designs

2nd Wip by Matt Perez aka Obscure
(This one is going to be huge!!)

"Bad Bad Ganesha" by Angry Koala Gear's Matt Perez aka Obscure

 Beefy & Co.'s "So Badass, It's Good" Custom Toy Show at WonderCon 2013 is definitely looking to be an amazing event with the artists' Wips and teasers already. We look forward to seeing them in person. We will definitely be doing coverage at the show and hopefully interviewing the artists. Stay tuned! For further updates on the customs, you can follow Beefy & Co. on their Instagram @beefypoo and our Instagram @angrykoalagear and @obscureakg

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