Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Legend of the Shadow Clan #2 Retailer Covers Including J. Scott Campbell Cover

On the heels of the successful launch of their “10 for 10” anniversary initiative and the first release, Legend of the Shadow Clan #1 selling over 35,000 copies, Aspen Comics plans to keep the momentum going for issue number two, highlighted by a special J. Scott Campbell Retailer Incentive cover amongst other incentive offers for fans and retailers. Created by David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven and written by Wohl with art by Cory Smith and John Starr, the solicitation for Legend of the Shadow Clan #2 reads:

The Arashis believed themselves to be just an average family, but everything changed the night that Dr. William Arashi inadvertently found himself in a battle with well-armed assassins, and he not only survived, but he defeated them! Exhilarated and confused, Arashi now discovers that this attack was not random, and that he and his family are anything but ordinary--they are members of an ancient and powerful ninja family known as the Shadowclan. But now that their secret has been discovered, they realize they are ALL in great danger!

Legend of the Shadow Clan #2 will feature a direct cover by series artists Smith and Starr, and will also feature an Aspen Reserved Edition cover by guest superstar penciler Billy Tan with colors by Aspen’s Peter Steigerwald. Fans and new readers who add the series to their local comic shops’ subscription service are eligible to receive the special Aspen Reserved Edition cover. Those customers who add all ten new Aspen “10 for 10” number one issues to their store’s pull box will then be eligible to receive the free full-size Aspen “Perfect 10’s” jam poster featuring all ten Reserved Edition covers on one image colored by Steigerwald.

Aspen also encourages fans and new readers to check with their local retailer to reserve the exclusive Legend of the Shadow Clan #2 Retailer Incentive cover by industry superstar J. Scott Campbell. Aspen is pleased to announce Campbell will be providing covers for all Aspen “10 for 10” number two issues for ten straight months.

For more info on Aspen’s “10 for 10” initiative, Legend of the Shadow Clan and more please check the following:

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