Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gentle Giant Star Wars Jar Jar Binks and W. Wald Holiday Mini Bust Review

2012 has recently come to a close and the holidays have come to an end to start celebrating a new year in 2013. Gentle Giant would help us to bring in the new year with the annual Holiday exclusive mini bust, but this time as a set! We recently received the Star Wars Holiday Jar Jar Binks and W. Wald mini bust set and we were excited. 

The 2012 Premier Guild Exclusive Holiday Star Wars Jar Jar Binks with W. Wald mini bust set is extremely limited with only 600 pieces. The packaging is terrific with great pictures capturing what we will find inside. 

It was now time to unveil this new Holiday set we have been waiting for to add to our other Gentle Giant Holiday sets. The packaging is always terrific from Gentle Giant with strong styrofoam that assures quality control in risk of damage. 

Many collectors may criticize Gentle Giant and ask why Jar Jar Binks for a Holiday exclusive? People either liked Jar Jar in the Star Wars prequels or hated him, but we have to say we loved him. George Lucas always gave his fans humor in the original trilogy, whether it was with Han Solo or C-3PO and we would continue to see that fun side with Jar Jar. 

This is the first time that Gentle Giant has made a Jar Jar Binks mini bust and it is truly an amazing piece from the sculpt, incredible details, to the paint. Gentle Giant always knows how to please Star Wars fans with their detail and creativity in their work, which is why they are the best in mini busts. 

 W. Wald is definitely not one of the most popular and sought after characters in the Star Wars universe, which makes this mini bust interesting to be part of the set. Gentle Giant's amazing detail makes it easier to say why not take the risk to create this young Rodian character who has a couple minutes of fame in The Phantom Menace. 

Again, the sculpt, paint, and details are what make Gentle Giant Studios the best in creating the Star Wars mini busts. 

We had the opportunity to see the introduction of the 2012 Gentle Giant Star Wars Holiday exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con last July and could not wait. As we were waiting as other collectors were, Gentle Giant would inform us that there was a problem with the special Christmas lights that would be included with Jar Jar Binks. Fans would be upset in the news, so Gentle Giant would listen to the fans and their concerns and appease us. 

Jar Jar Binks pose with his thumb up is a perfect pose for this bust. The cool thing about Jar Jar Binks is that you can display him year round in his regular clothing or display him during the Christmas holidays with his removable Santa hat and Christmas Lights. 

Yakface is still our favorite Star Wars Holiday Exclusive mini bust from Gentle Giant, but Jar Jar Binks with W. Wald is real close. We love this set and Gentle Giant continues to keep us in great spirit during the holidays with their Star Wars cheer! 

If you missed out on the 2012 Gentle Giant Premier Guild Membership Holiday Exclusive, you still have a chance to purchase the Star Wars Jar Jar Binks with W. Wald mini bust set by purchasing a 2013 Gentle Giant Premier Guild Membership and ordering the set. 

We look forward to another amazing year in 2013 from Gentle Giant and we will continue to share the news and updates!! 

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