Sunday, December 9, 2012

BEDLAM Issue #2 Sells Out!

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Second issue sold out, to be reprinted

In a review of the second issue of Nick Spencer's and Riley Rossmo's new psychological horror series, Comic Book Resources' Jennifer Cheng wrote, "Events seen and unseen in Bedlam #2 are like a half-unfolded fan, laid over a further darkness that draws inexorably and irresistibly nearer."

And, evidently, that draw could not be resisted, as BEDLAM #2, originally in stores on November 28, has sold out at the distributor level and will be reprinted to satisfy readers' demand for something sharp, dark, and bloody in their pull list. The journey of Fillmore Press from psychotic child-killer Madder Red to a "recovered" responsible community member has proven to be comics' darkest diversion this year.

"I was incredibly disturbed, even felt dirty, yet I couldn't stop reading."
- Major Spoilers

"If I were to describe a nightmare I had, I'd probably point to Riley Rossmo's art in this book."
- Word of the Nerd

"Just when you though things couldn't get any more deranged, Bedlam #2 from Image Comics amps up the strangeness and depravity."
- OmniComic

"Daunting, absorbing, charming, enchanting, dubious, disturbing..."
- One Geek Nation

The second printing of BEDLAM #2 (OCT128377) will be in stores on January 9.

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