Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winning... at Designer Con 2012!!!

Matt and Danny Perez at AKG booth
Denise Vasquez at AKG booth
             Angry Koala Gear experienced our first visit to Designer Con this year.  We did not have the chance to attend as fans or press in previous years, but decided to go all out and get our own booth this year.  Some really cool things happened during Designer Con.  I won third place in 3coconutmonkey.com’s custom toy contest, with my custom Yo! figure, “Yo!Thulhu.”  Winning third place was awesome, especially with the stiff competition that entered.  Aside from customizing the figure, I also created a base, which featured some ocean cliffs, waves crashing against the rocks, and a sacrifice to Yo!Thulhu.  It was the second custom contest that I've entered and the first that I have placed.  So all-in-all, I am proud of myself. 

Yo!Thulhu custom Yo! for 3coconutmonkey.com Custom Contest
Took home 3rd Place! 
As Designer Con came to a close, I won a Hell Lotus figure in the very last raffle at the Spanky Stokes booth.  Thank you to Spanky Stokes!!!  I was manning the Angry Koala Gear booth at the time, and they waited for me to claim my prize.  I ran to claim the prize, while some people booed me.  It was funny, and I really appreciate them waiting for me, thanks to my brothers, Danny and Charles.     
Hell Lotus... Thanks to Spanky Stokes!
             As we began to break down our booth, I spotted J*Ryu (aka Purdy Supremacy of the Army of Snipers) walking and talking with the Suck Lord.  J*Ryu is by far, one of my favorite artists and I had to take the opportunity to talk with him.  Turns out, J*Ryu is a super cool and humble guy.  We took a picture and chatted for a couple of minutes.  P.S. He also introduced me to Mr. Luke Chueh… also a cool guy.  J*Ryu told me that one of his goals for the coming year is to focus on his craft.  He said he wouldn’t be committing to very many projects, so he has a lot of time to focus on his work and possibly exploring the world of art, outside of toys.  I don’t know about you, but I am excited to see what comes from J*Ryu in 2013.  If you want to learn more about J*Ryu and stay up-to-date on what he is working on, check out his website

Me with J*Ryu as the DCon came to a close

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