Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Walking Dead #100 Lucille Red Foil Variant Cover (Rarest Cover)

Skybound Entertainment has just released some amazing news for The Walking Dead fans for the weekend. We will have the opportunity to purchase the rarest and most limited Walking Dead #100 cover. The Walking Dead #100 Red Foil Lucille Cover is limited to only 250, with a price tag of $250. 

Skybound will make available a limited amount of these comics each day, randomly announcing their on sale times through the Skybound Facebook and Twitter

  This weekend the Skybound Shop is going to have a huge Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale.  There will be discounts from 10-50% off items throughout the store.

Be sure to follow Skybound Entertaiment on Facebook and Twitter, as they will be sending out special "limited time only" promo codes for additional discounts.

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