Friday, November 30, 2012

Chew #30 Sells Out

CHEW #30, which closes out the "Space Cakes" story arc, sold out at the distributor level on the same day of its release, November 28. Fans of the series, by John Layman and Rob Guillory, should rush to their local comic book stores to pick up issue #30, which will be reprinted only in CHEW VOLUME SIX: SPACE CAKES, the trade paperback out on December 19, and volume three of the CHEW: THE OMNIVORE EDITION, out in March.

CHEW #30 is a milestone issue, the halfway point in a planned 60-issue run of the popular dramedy about a family with a very special relationship with food. (It is in development as a television series with Showtime.) Comic Book Resources, noting the series' layered storytelling, says of the issue in a four-star review: "You'll read it once for the roller coaster ride, and then immediately read it a second time in a different light, knowing the impact the issue's outcome places on the earlier events."

The second half of the series begins with CHEW #31 — and a funeral. It will be in stores on January 23. Readers should get their pre-orders in now to be sure they get a copy of what is sure to be another fast-selling issue.

CHEW is also available digitally on comiXology,, and ComicsPlus

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