Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Walking Dead: Michonne Special Review

Well, The Walking Dead fans should be very pleased with the return of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 3 this past Sunday. We definitely were because one of our favorite characters from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment comics series, The Walking Dead would finally reveal herself to the world, Michonne.

The Walking Dead #19 would be the first issue that we would be introduced to Michonne, the mysterious woman who carries a Katana and two Zombies by her side without arms and their lower jaws. When I first saw Michonne's first appearance, I fell in love with her character immediately and have continued loving seeing her in the comic series. Because we have followed her character in the series, she always remained a mystery because we missed a little about her origins. 

Last week, The Walking Dead: Michonne Special was released. We were looking forward to this issue because Robert Kirkman would finally tell us a little more about Michonne and why she has her Zombie companions and how she acquired the Katana.

The first pages of the Michonne Special would lead us into the world where the last remaining Survivors are on the run to escape this horrific event. Michonne was now alone trying to run and get home. Home is where we will meet her boyfriend briefly along with his friend who she mentions she does not care for. Michonne will learn quickly how alone in the world she will be once her boyfriend is bitten.

 One question I have had in the series has been how she she acquired the Katana. We learn in the Michonne Special that she would gain this famous weapon from her neighbor's house. Michonne now has her weapon of choice and learns how she can survive in this world on her own.

Everyone will soon meet Michonne and see how she survives by keeping her boyfriend and his friend as her companions where the Zombies think she is just one of them. 

We loved The Walking Dead: Michonne Special because we finally would learn the origins of Michonne, and how she manages to survive on her own and without a group. In this issue, new readers of the comic series will get the chance to also see Michonne's first appearance in The Walking Dead #19, which is included. We can never get enough in reading this issue and learning more about her origins. It actually adds more to seeing her in action in AMC's The Walking Dead this season! Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment's The Walking Dead: Michonne Special is now available in stores.

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