Monday, October 8, 2012

The Walking Dead Escape is Coming to Philly!

San Diego was the first to fall and Philadelphia is next. 

The virus has spread. We urge you to warn your East Coast friends of the uncertaintly, chaos and terror that lies ahead. The quickest will offer their training tips. The brightest will share their strategy plans. The boldest will journey back to the undead-zone and fight as a team in the 

for the chance to win $2500

How will you leave your mark on the Philly Apocalypse? 

The Philadelphia Walking Dead Escape participants have something to look forward to that San Diego Survivors did not have the chance to be part of. Survivors in Philly will have the opportunity to form teams and compete to survive in the hopes of winning $2500! 

We had the chance to cover The Walking Dead Escape in San Diego and it was an amazing experience to be able to try to escape the Apocalypse. Philadelphia, you are in for a treat and what more then to be part of The Walking Dead Escape. Unfortunately, I did not survive, but we look forward to hearing who will and who can win the $2500. Good luck and you can now Register as a Walker, Survivor or Spectator. 

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