Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy (One Shot) from Dark Horse Comics

Flanked by his demonic assistant Pazuul and the “unpaid intern” known as PizzaBoy, overweight Portuguese werewolf “Dog” Mendonça narrates his own bizarre origin story, taking us from a traveling circus to a Nazi laboratory to the depths of Loch Ness! And when we catch up with the present-day Mendonça, can his team adjust to the new fame and outrageous fortune that come from being published by Dark Horse Comics? Bite into the raucous adventure that was first serialized in Dark Horse Presents—now in one comic!
* Find out how Dog Mendonça got his powers!

* Author Filipe Melo deliberately breaks the fourth wall for an ironic commentary on the comics industry itself.

* From the pages of Dark Horse Presents!
The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy (One Shot) will be in stores this Wednesday, October 24th from Dark Horse Comics. 

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