Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shock and Awesome Custom Art Toy Contest,, Denise Vasquez, and Shea Brittain (FrankenFactory)
Ok.  I know that this is really late, but everyone has been insanely busy.  The Angry Koala Gear crew had the special honor of co-sponsoring and judging the Shock and Awesome Custom Art Toy Contest at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, which was put on by our friends at  I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of creating the trophy for the contest, along with the help of our friend, Manny Torres, of 2ndwnd, who made the base.  Below, you will find pictures of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning pieces, an interview with the 2nd place winner, Shea Brittain (FrankenFactory) and her piece, “Fragile Love."  
1st Place ("Chaneque-Yo!," Beto Lupine), 2nd Place ("Fragile Love", Shea Brittain),
and 3rd Place ("Ancestor Effigy", Cosmo Wenman)

Interview with Shea Brittain (FrankenFactory) with Matt Perez
AngryKoalaGear: How long have you been doing custom art/designer toys?

Shea: Since the Summer of 2011.

AngryKoalaGear: What are some of your favorite platform toys?

Shea: Raaar! by Dynamite Rex and I liked using Trikky by Kidrobot.

AngryKoalaGear: Who are some artists that inspire you and that you admire?

Shea: Vincent van Gogh and Double Parlour.

AngryKoalaGear: Was this your first custom toy contest? If not, what others have you participated in?

Shea: Yes.

AngryKoalaGear: What can we expect from you in the future?
Shea: More resin and customs hopefully. I'm working on some new pieces right now.

AngryKoalaGear: Where else can readers see your work?

Online at FrankenFactory -
Toy Art Gallery -
Dream In Plastic -

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