Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Dragon Age Series Coming to Dark Horse

Dark Horse is pleased to announce the third installment of the wildly popular Dragon Age series! David Gaider—the lead writer of the Dragon Age games—takes three of the games’ most beloved characters on a quest into the realm of nightmares, demons, and magic!

King Alistair, allied with the world’s most feared warrior race—the Qunari—the pirate Isabela, and the rogue Varric, brings a battle royal to the evil mage responsible for his father’s disappearance!

With scripts by Alexander Freed and art by Chad Hardin, Dragon Age: Until We Sleep is an essential addition to the Dragon Age canon!

Heart-stopping action in jaw-dropping settings—Until We Sleep is everything you love about fantasy! Whether you’re a longtime Dragon Age fan or a newcomer, this is the beginning of an epic drama you cannot miss!

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep is on sale March 27, 2013!

Check out the exclusive interview with David Gaider on Newsarama!

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