Monday, October 22, 2012

Interview with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D's Director Michael J. Bassett

We had the opportunity to interview Michael J. Bassett, director of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which opens in theaters this Friday, October 26th. We were able to ask him a couple of questions in regards to Silent Hill: Revelation 3D being a direct sequel to the first, which came out in 2006. 

The first question we asked Michael Bassett: 

Angry Koala Gear: How did you get involved with being able to make the sequel and how much will taken from the first film?

Michael J. Bassett: My love for the Silent Hill is that I go back to being a gamer. I remember playing Doom, cutting edge computer graphics. Mid 2000's, remember Silent Hill coming out and friends playing it. It was genuinely frightening and the first cinematic level of type theater to come out in a game. While working on Solomon Kane, he would work with Samuel Hadida (producer) who also produced the first Silent Hill. They sat down to talk about ideas, which they would create Silent Hill: Revelations 3D. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is an adaptation of Silent Hill 3 the game, which is a direct sequel from the original game as well. 

Second question to Michael J. Bassett:

Angry Koala Gear: Bringing in the same people to do the score and able to see the Nurses and Pyramind Head, are there going to be other creatures returning and new ones? 

Michael J. Bassett: Pyramid Head returns because he is such a powerful monster and a great presence and a lot of monsters will return and a few monsters that I created. I love going to the creature workshops to watch the sculptors and designers bring the monsters to life. If you like a good monster movie this is the best version. 

Here is the complete interview with Michael J. Bassett on audio that was with other journalists on the call:

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