Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zydeco Studios Features Exclusive Floppets at Stan Lee's Comikaze

Zydeco Studios to feature Sci-Fi Floppets at
Stan Lee’s Comikaze

WHO: Greg Aronowitz and Zydeco Studios, creators of Floppets, have come together to create an exclusive Comikaze Floppet which will be exhibited at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo.

WHAT: Over the past twenty five years, Greg Aronowitz has honed his skills as a special effects artist and design specialist by contributing to over three hundred films and television projects.  Greg produces product for major franchise licenses such as Star WarsStar TrekTerminatorSpiderman and Marvel Comics and Walt Disney.
Greg Aronowitz and Zydeco Studios will be exhibiting and distributing exclusive Comikaze Floppets.  The limited edition Floppets feature the Comikaze logo and will only be available at the show.
Zydeco will also be exhibiting its collectable line of classic Star Trek Floppets manufactured exclusively for Roddenberry Entertainment.  The clever collection will include the Star Trek Original Series logo, the Enterprise, the Enterprise-D, a Klingon, the Bird of Prey, an Original Series Phaser, a Klingon Warrior, an Orion Slave Girl, the Command Insignia, the IDIC Vulcan Symbol!
Floppets are a clever, cute and customizable collection of characters you can attach to anything!  By using their multipurpose connector and velcro tether, fans can wear these collections on fingers, bags, clothing, or other personal accessories.  Floppets are flexible, versatile and provide a way for fans to express their individuality and to show off their favorite characters!

WHERE: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Booth # 1105
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015

WHEN: September 15-16, 2012

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