Monday, September 10, 2012

Wild Children Breaks Top Ten for Graphic Novels

WILD CHILDREN, the debut graphic novella by Ales Kot and Riley Rossmo (GREEN WAKE, REBEL BLOOD, DEBRIS), released on July 15, was one of the Top Ten Graphic Novels of July, according to Diamond Comics sales figures. Such a strong showing by a new writer is a notable feat in itself, but the WILD CHILDREN has also been garnering stellar reviews from all corner of the critical world, from USA Today to The A.V. Club to author and social theorist David Rushkoff, as well as major comic book media sites.

A WILD CHILDREN is exploration of violence, fiction, art, and perception, set in a high school where a group of the brightest students have taken their teachers hostage. With intriguing dialogue, striking character designs, and vibrant art colored by Clayton Cowles, WILD CHILDREN is as much a meditation on the sequential art form as a unique example of that medium's potential.

WILD CHILDREN's writer, Ales Kot, will be debuting a new mini-series, CHANGE, with art by Morgan Jeske in December. WILD CHILDREN (ISBN 978-1-60706-581-4) is available in comic book stores and bookstores now.

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