Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So Much More Than Our Debut at Stan Lee's Comikaze

The countdown is on for Stan Lee's Comikaze on September 15th - 16th and we are thrilled nervous at the same time. It will be our official debut at a show and we have big things planned for the event on both days. We are very grateful and honored to have a few very special guests that will be hanging out at our booth #1706. 

On Saturday, September 15th from 1pm-3pm, we will have Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez who we admire. We are huge Star Wars fans and because of our love for Star Wars, this is how we would learn of these two amazing artists. We have followed Randy Martinez' works since Star Wars Celebration I and have loved his art from each event. His art does not stop in Star Wars, but he has created amazing Marvel paintings, and hundreds of sketch cards for many different companies. Denise Vasquez is also amazing in every way with a tremendous personality. She has many talents that include acting, writing, singing, songwriting, painting, and designing custom toys. What is amazing about these two? It could be the very first time you meet them and they treat this first encounter as if you were friends for a very long time. They have a great love for art and their pieces reflect it and they have a great interaction with fans.

Again, we are thrilled to have Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez as our special guests and they are bringing an amazing surprise with them to the show! Denise and Randy have been working together to create something special for all the geeks. They just launched a new design titled, Empowerment: Mega Fangirl, which they are selling t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, stickers that are now available to order on Redbubble. Well we have incredible news!! We are honored to have the Official Print Release for the Empowerment: Mega Fangirl print, limited to 100 prints at our booth #1706. The prints will be available at our booth and you can get them signed by both Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez on Saturday, September 15th from 1pm - 3pm.

We look forward to seeing all of the geeks and nerds unite at Stan Lee's Comikaze on 
September 15th - 16th. Is Los Angeles ready for the invasion?

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