Monday, September 3, 2012

Gentle Giant Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Kenner 12" Power of the Force Edition

One of my favorite toy lines that is from Gentle Giant Ltd. is the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Star Wars figures. Brings back my memories as a child playing with the original Star Wars figures on the Vintage cards, but much bigger. The first figure that would start off this amazing line 2 years ago is the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Stormtrooper, which would continue with many great figures.

The newest figure to join the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Star Wars collection is the Premier Guild Member Gammorean Guard. What we knew about the Gammorean Guard was that it would be coming on the Vintage Return of the Jedi card, but ended up receiving a huge surprise this week. The Gammorean Guard will still be available on the The Return of the Jedi card, but available to everyone. PGM members are in for a great surprise and I was thrilled when I heard the news and saw what was to come! We will be getting a Vintage Power of the Force card, plus a Gammorean Guard coin to go with it. Not only is the card cool, but to think even a coin and it is 3".

Who is excited about seeing the return of The Power of the Force cards? I do hope we see this line continue with the original POTF cards and coins, especially on some of the super rare figures. 

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