Monday, August 13, 2012

Toy Hunter Premieres on Travel Channel This Wednesday, August 15th

This is not your ordinary child’s play! Travel Channel reveals the big
business of buying and selling toys and collectibles in the new original series “Toy Hunter,”premiering with a special one-hour season opener featuring back-to-back episodes onWednesday, August 15 at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT (regular time slot at 9:00 p.m. ET/PTbeginning Wednesday, August 22). This weekly half-hour series follows acclaimed toy dealerJordan Hembrough, founder of Hollywood Heroes, a New Jersey-based vintage and moderncollectibles company, as he travels across the country hunting for the most sought after pieces.For this toy hunter, poking through cramped attics and rummaging around dirty garages to scorevintage items is all in a day’s work!

“‘Toy Hunter’ takes viewers on the ultimate adventure across America,” said Andy Singer,
General Manager, Travel Channel. “Our viewers will not only accompany Jordan on hispassionate search for toys, but they will see items from their own childhoods that are sure tomake them reminisce. They’ll be amazed at how much these old toys are worth today.”In each of the eight episodes, Hembrough strategically maneuvers around reluctant sellers,abates budgets and avoids the unforeseen roadblocks as he tracks down the rarest pieces.With many collectible items valued in the thousands of dollars, Hembrough will travel thecountry on the ultimate toy quest searching for the holy grail items he and his clients yearn for.Some of those rare toys (and year they hit the shelves) include:

• “The Six Million Dollar Man” Venus Space Probe (1977)
• GI Joe: “Pimp Daddy” Destro (1997)
• Jurassic Park Prototypes (1994)
• Luke Skywalker Telescoping Lightsaber (1977)
• Care Bears Treat Heart Pig (1982)
• Barbie #1 in box (with brunette hair) (1959)

 Here is the series breakdown of episodes to be aired beginning Wednesday, August 15th! 


(In Alphabetical Order, Airdates to be Confirmed)
A BATMAN BIRTHDAY: Toy and collectibles expert Jordan Hembrough follows a beatdown south to Mississippi, where he’s out on a quest for the perfect Batman birthday gift. He’llhaggle his way from Batcave to Batcave on his search for the right toy at the right price, butwith his reputation as the “go-to” guy and his friend’s surprise birthday party at risk of beingruined, he’ll need the help of numerous sidekicks to come out on top.

BIG TEXAS SEARCH: After being hired by one of the biggest
toy auction houses in New Jersey to help them find something for their monthly live auction, Jordan heads out to find an item he thinks will be a sure fire success. Knowing that he needs something big, he travels to Texas, where he hopes to find bigger collections, bigger personalities, and bigger payoffs.

CHILLER: Chiller, one of the largest conventions on the east coast for “all things horror,” is
just a few weeks away and Jordan needs that one ultimate find that will bring in a major sale atthe expo. He has to dig around the Garden State for something that will make even the biggesthorror fan shriek with delight.

COAST-TO-COAST MISSION: Jordan heads to L.A. to meet two bigwigs in the toy
industry who send him out on the hunt for their next “big ticket” items. Finding “wow” factor toysis Jordan’s specialty, and since these two clients are willing to pay top dollar, Jordan must liveup to his title. He’ll literally need to claw through toys on his hands and knees – and all over thecountry – to find what they want, but if the Toy Gods are working in Jordan’s favor, he’ll be ableto make some major flips. Special Guest: Expert designer/sculptor Jordu Schell from TravelChannel’s “Making Monsters.”

KOOKY, KITSCH, KRAZY: A desperate small business owner reaches out to Jordanhoping that his “in the know” knowledge will help her find the items she needs to get herbusiness booming again. Jordan travels to California, where he’s apprehensive about huntingin unchartered territory, but with the fate of his new client’s business in his hands, he knows hehas to deliver the vintage nostalgic pop toys that buyers really want.

RISE FROM THE ASHLAND: Jordan journeys to North Carolina - the epicenter ofantiques and collectibles. He travels to Bryson City, Asheville, and Charlotte, and meets somegreat people along the way. These folks drive hard bargains, but Jordan is willing to put in thework – and dig through the trash – to make sure he finds toy gold.

THE JEDI-SHORE: Jordan takes a trip to the Jersey Shore where he’s been recruited for a
double mission: to find a big and exclusive Star Wars collectible, and to bring a family traditionof toy collecting back from the brink of death. Jordan will need to find a piece exciting enoughto inspire a pair of particular kids or this family’s tradition of toy collecting will meet the samefate as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

TOY HEAVEN: In Cincinnati, Jordan finds himself overwhelmed by the power of the place
they call “toy heaven.” First, he stumbles upon a collector with over a half million dollars of rarecollectibles in his barn—and he’s having an everything-must-go sale. Then, he finds himselfsifting through a basement with over 3000 Jurassic Park rarities, including what he has deemedthe Jurassic Park holy grail, but Jordan will have to use his best powers of negotiation to makesure this flip is worth the trip.

Jordan Hembrough was on Good Morning America this morning and here is the interview: 

 We are definitely looking forward to the premiere and are looking forward to seeing what treasures Jordan will find in his adventures. Toy collectors and enthusiasts will want to see this show! In the pilot episode, Jordan would meet previous employees of various toy companies who have been storing very rare toys that only were told in legend, but finally be revealed such as the Thundercats The Mad Bubbler and the ever popular Star Wars Rocket Firing Boba Fett. To think this was just the pilot episode, we are looking forward to a full season of seeing what can still be found out there.

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