Friday, August 3, 2012

Star Wars Vintage Farewell Wave 7

It is sad for me to report that the Star Wars Vintage 3 3/4 action figure line will come to an end, this November. This wave will only be available through special online retailers, and not at mass retail stores. Hasbro reports that this wave is a very limited run. So, preorder your case quickly before they run out. Although, no word was given as to why Hasbro put a halt to this great line of figures. Your guess is as good as ours. Rumor has it, Hasbro is just putting it on hiatus for 2013 and will return in 2014. Until then, enjoy this picture of the final 2012 wave.                                                      


  1. Hasbro been sucking on releasing Figures anyways, i haven't seen much in 2 years, even the guys that rip u off at Toy Convention are having a hard time finding Figures.

    1. We have very disappointed in only seeing the Phantom Menace series on the shelves since January. I was fortunate to find the Deleted Scene wave once at a Walmart. If Hasbro included great assortments in their cases, I would just choose to order cases. Get tired of the repeat of figures in their cases that happen to be figures that will sit on shelves.

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