Monday, August 6, 2012

Star Wars Movie Heroes Sale Event

That's right Star Wars fans, Toys"R"Us has announced the Star Wars Movie Heroes action figure line sale. You are able to receive a free Movie Heroes action figure when you make a Star Wars purchase of $30.00 or more. The purchase must consist of either action figures, vehicles, or role play toys in order to get the freebie. Hurry to Toys"R"Us today before time and supplies run out!

Now on a sad note, Walmart will no longer be carrying the Star Wars Movie Heroes action figures and Star Wars Transformers lines. As well as WWE wrestlers, Corp figures and Transformers toys will be dropped. Sales for those lines have plummeted, nobody is buying. Not even kids! I don't blame the kids, because Hasbro keeps hashing out Star Wars figures from the mid 2000's in new packaging. Keep an eye out at your local Walmart for these clearance toys. Great for you customizers!!!

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