Monday, July 2, 2012

Weta is Bringing Middle Earth to San Diego Comic Con 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012 is just in one more week and we are excited! Each year we have looked forward to attending, but this year is a little more special for us with the return of Middle Earth to the big screen. The Hobbit premieres in the U.S., December 14th. Along with the huge Warner Brothers panel on Saturday, July 14th, which features The Hobbit, we will once again be privileged in seeing one of the companies, Weta Workshop, who has helped in designs, creatures, weapons, and so much more in The Lord of the Rings.

Weta can be found at booth #3513B with even a larger booth! Weta will be bringing Middle Earth to San Diego Comic Con and unveiling an initial range of collectibles and prop replicas from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 

The Weta crew will bring a few great surprises along with the unveiling of a few incredible pieces, including 
Barad-dur - Fortress of Sauron.  

For the first time, The Lord of the Rings diorama, Fellowship of the Ring sets will be unveiled as well. There are 3 sets that feature all nine walkers and one faithful pony sculpted in intricate detail, making their journey across Middle-earth. 

The first Fellowship of the Ring set is now available for pre-order, which includes Gandalf the Grey, Frodo Baggins, and Legolas.   

  Along with unveiling incredible Lord of the Rings pieces, we will get the opportunity to meet some of the  award winning Weta crew:

Five time Academy Award winner and Weta Workshop Creative Director, Richard Taylor, will be at the booth each day from 11am-12pm (except Thursday) and 2-3pm. Come and get your Weta books or collectibles signed !

Greg Broadmore, Conceptual Designer (District 9, King Kong, THe Chronicles of Narnia and more) and creator of Dr Grordbort's will be at the booth each day. The Bearded One will be signing all 3 of his Dr Grordbort's books, The Art of District 9, The Weta Collectors Guide and White Cloud Worlds. 

Daniel Falconer, Conceptual Designer (The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and more) will be happy to chat with you. Daniel will be signing The Weta Collectors Guide and The Art of District 9.

David Tremont, Senior Model Maker at Weta Workshop, is intricately involved in the creation of nearly all our collectibles. So if you have any questions on model making or building stuff, Dave is your man ! Dave will also be available to sign The Weta Collectors Guide.

Tim Launder and Stacy Longstreet will be on hand at the booth to help you with any questions / requests about Weta's collectibles

Take advantage of these Comic Con specials, only available at the Weta Booth :

The Lord of the Rings
Environments : Bag End, Rivendell, Orthanc - Order at the Weta booth and get free shipping in mainland USA

Characters : Gollum, Gandalf - Order at the Weta booth and get free shipping in mainland USA

Uruk-hai Captain's Helm - Sold Out on our website, we will have a very limited number available for purchase at Comic Con

Miniature Shields - Collect all 4 shields for US$120 + free shipping in mainland USA

Magnets - We will have a limited number of our new LOTR magnets available at the booth. Save on shipping and get them before they are gone

Dr Grordbort's
Large Rayguns : Order at the Weta booth and get free shipping in mainland USA

Books : Purchase all 3 books (Dingus Directory, VICTORY and TRIUMPH) for only US$45. And get them signed by Greg Broadmore

The Adventures of Tintin
Book : The Art of the Adventures of Tintin, first time on sale at Comic Con for only US$25. Save US$15 and get it signed by Richard Taylor !

Captain Haddock 1/6th scale figure : Order the Captain at the Weta booth and get The Art of the Adventures of Tintin book free 

Thomson and Thompson 1/6th scale figure : Order the detectives at the Weta booth and get The Art of the Adventures of Tintin book free

District 9
The Exosuit : first time to have stock at Comic Con, order at the Weta booth and get US$150 off !
Miniature Weapons : Buy the mini Arc Generator or the mini Assault Rifle, and get The Art of District 9 book free

ALL T-Shirts only US$20 each or 3 for US$50


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