Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Walking Dead Escape Experience

The Walking Dead #100 was released last Wednesday, July 11th and it was a great time for The Walking Dead fans of both the comic series and AMC television series. In honor of the release of the 100th issue, Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment would create something really big and exciting, The Walking Dead Escape.

The Walking Dead Escape was held on July 11th - July 14th. We had been looking forward to this experience ever since we heard about it, which is why we had to do it on the first day. The Walking Dead Escape was a huge obstacle course that used the Petco Park in San Diego during the San Diego Comic Con 2012.

There were three ways that you could join in on the fun, by either being a Survivor, Walker, or Spectator. We wanted to be Walkers, but the sign ups would sell out very quickly. It came to no surprise because those participants would work with Greg Nicotero and his team, KNB EFX to become a Zombie in the outbreak. Survivors would be crucial for this run because they would be required to avoid the outbreak as best as they could throughout this huge run in Petco Park that was taken over. The last way to participate would be to sign up as a Spectator that allowed people to see the whole event with Survivors trying their best to stay alive and not be infected.

The Walking Dead Escape would break up into 20 minute intervals for different groups to run through the course. This would be our run:

 What we thought to be a well protected area would lead us to the outbreak of Petco Park.

 Here is a sample of some of the obstacles that were built for this amazing event.

 Here are a few of the Walkers that we would have to face during The Walking Dead Escape.

Even the local San Diego Channel 6 news would capture the horror the city would have to face.

 The Walking Dead Escape was truly amazing and great fun because of how realistic the Walkers did look, but to use such a large part of the Petco Park gave it more of an eerie feeling. This is a baseball stadium where the San Diego Padres play and it was empty and used strictly for this event. It had its quiet moments where you never knew what was lurking ahead. 

This obstacle would be the end of the run, but did I survive?

Unfortunately, I was infected and taken to quarantine where this would be the last that I remember. 

The Walking Dead Escape was incredible! We were very pleased how it was organized and how huge the run actually was. The Walkers played great roles, with some seeming very real. A few definitely caught me off guard at times, which is why I was infected. I can only imagine a real outbreak being far worse.

Here is a video that we had to share because it was so much fun watching the new runs of groups beginning their run.

We do hope The Walking Dead Escape becomes an annual event. I have had the opportunity to build many Haunted Houses and I enjoy the thrill of giving people a scare. This time I had the opportunity to be on the other side and it was thrilling indeed.

We do have other videos on our YouTube channel if you want to see more in The Walking Dead Escape experience.

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