Saturday, July 21, 2012

Soulfire: Power #1 Preview from Aspen Comics

David Wohl – Story / Khary Randolph, Nacho Arranz – Art / John Starr, Emilio Lopez - Colors
Aspen’s first ever Soulfire summer event, “Search for the Light” reaches its next exciting chapter, SOULFIRE: POWER!

  The enigmatic master and trainer known as Ren returns as “The Search for the Light” continues! In the absence of Malikai, the Bearer of Light, and in a forced meditative state, Ren soon becomes a conduit for all of the uncontrollable magic pulsing throughout the world. Only, such a mighty force of magic soon becomes a destructive wave of disaster that Benoist and his tech-savvy allies in Tokyo must stop, before it destroys everything in its path—perhaps even the world itself!

Don’t miss out on the thrilling ‘Search for the Light’ crossover event that will change the face of the SOULFIRE Universe forever!

Preview Pages in Soulfire: Power #1

SOULFIRE: POWER #1 is in stores July 25th, 2012!

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