Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pacific Rim Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2012

The Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers panel would be the granddaddy of them all for the panels for San Diego Comic Con 2012! We would be in for a treat and the crowd who either camped out or waited for hours were ready for it to begin. Chris Hardwick would be the moderator for this behemoth of a panel and he was very excited for this moment as everyone else. We would see the greatest thing that Hall H would ever see and who knows if we will ever get this chance again. There is the normal huge screen above the stage, but we would see a transformation before our eyes that I thought would require special effects (well I guess it was like special effects). Black curtains would begin to slide open on the left and right sides of the hall that would continue moving across and we thought they would continue to open around the entire auditorium. The crowd was in total amazement and shock of what they were seeing. Chris Hardwick showed his excitement and was left speechless.

Chris Hardwick would talk about his excitement of what would be to come and he would soon introduce Legendary Pictures founder, Thomas Tull to the stage. Thomas Tull, Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers wanted to bring something "legendary" to Hall H and most memorable and it was accomplished before it even began. The first movie to be introduced would be for Pacific Rim and this was one movie I was definitely eager to learn more about. 

The Director of Pacific Rim would be non other than Guillermo del Toro and he would soon join the stage. 

Guillermo del Toro is no stranger to San Diego Comic Con and he loves being part of it. He is a true genius in his films and knows how to create very visual masterpieces. Pacific Rim will be one of those films because it will be Human and Gigantic Robots vs. Monsters. He would share how he has always wanted to do a film like this with gigantic beasts and robots and it was very easy for him to want to do this film once he received the script. 

After an introduction in Pacific Rim, a few of the cast members would soon join the stage, 
Charlie Day (Newt Gotlieb), Charlie Hunnam (Raleigh Antrobus), Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori), and Ron Perlman. 

Ron Perlman would receive a huge applause from the crowd! Chris Hardwick would also share something special that Ron Perlman would do earlier in the week for Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Ron Perlman would surprise Zachary, as a Make-A-Wish, with a great surprise by dressing in full costume as Hellboy.  

The moment would finally be here and Guillermo del Toro who had only been filming Pacific Rim for a very short period of time, wanted to bring something special to SDCC. A very exclusive clip of Pacific Rim would be shown to the very lucky Hall H crowd and he stated that this footage would be the only form of clips until December. Guillermo del Toro would say that not even James Bonds cameras would ever get any access or talk about the film until the end of the year. 

What we would see in this trailer or clip left me speechless, in shock, and full of goosebumps. Truly unbelievable footage that made left me amazed. We would see huge robots that were controlled by humans and required to fight huge monsters. Two humans would control the head and if one human were to die in the head controls, the whole machine would go down as we did see in the beginning of the footage. Guillermo del Toro is one of the best in creating visual perfection if not the best and he shows his talents in creating monsters. 

There would be a great Q&A and the audience would ask some great questions and want to know more about what Pacific Rim would be about. We do learn that del Toro loves the old Japanese classic Monster films and wanted to bring the Kaiju to life as he remembered watching them. We would learn that there will be flying Kaiju, water Kaiju, and at least 9 monsters. The very last question that would be asked would be by a child and it was the one question I wanted to ask the whole time. He would ask it very simple, but nervous to Mr. Guillermo del Toro. Will there be a very famous Kaiju in Pacific Rim? I knew exactly what this boy was asking as many others in the audience were eager to know the answer. He would go on to say that he wants to make a few films in Pacific Rim, but that there would not be a famous, or familiar Kaiju in the film. I was saddened to hear this news knowing that Legendary Pictures had acquired the rights to Godzilla. It still does not make me curious to think that since he wants to do more films that it could never be a possibility! Because del Toro mentions that we will not see anything more on Pacific Rim until December makes me think we will see a trailer before the Hobbit. What does everyone think about this?

Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim, will be in theatres next summer, July 12, 2013. 

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