Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Batman Artists Unite For a Great Cause

Batman Artists joined forces to unite the community here in Tucson to show their support to the families and friends of the unfortunate event in Aurora, CO. They would come in full force today at Heroes and Villains and create sketches of Batman for folks and the entirety of which will go to The New Venture Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting the victims & the families of the victims of the Aurora tragedy. 

The artists were all hard at work creating amazing sketches for those who would show great support in contributing $10 per sketch. 

In addition to the $10 sketches, there were several Batman-related pieces up for auction, and $2 memorial ribbons (again, the entirety of which goes towards The New Venture Fund) created by Jason Pedersen.

Some of the items that were available in the auction. 

Eric Schock would create this Batman sketch for us! 

Here is a list of all the other artists that participated in this great event:

To donate via telephone, please call 520-321-HERO with your credit card information.

 We would like to thank the artists and Heroes and Villains for creating a great event for an awesome cause! 

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