Monday, June 11, 2012

Mile High Comics Visit Before the Denver Comic Con

While visiting family in Denver, Colorado last week, I had to pay a visit to the famous Mile High Comics. I remember hearing stories about the collection that had accumulated over the years, so I had to see it for myself. Mile High Comics has comic stores, plus the 25,000 square foot Mega Store!

When we walked in, I was in shock and speechless with the size and what I saw on the walls. Hundreds, no thousands of comics everywhere. The staff immediately welcomed us and asked if we had been there before. I told him I had not and he gave us a little history of the warehouse. They only had been there for 9 months and started off with a section, which accumulated into something massive. They were still filling all of the walls with comics and only had a week and a half to do so before the Denver Comic Con Opening Night Gala.

The walls that were filled contained rare and old comics from all companies and genres. If there was a rare comic you had not seen in person or had not seen since you were a child, the Mile High Comics Mega Store probably has it. I was definitely in, "Comic Book Heaven"!

The night before, Mile High Comics hosted a large sale, which they sold hundreds of comics that happened to be "Key issues" in their series, whether they introduced a new character or began a series.

There were thousands of comics on the wall and the pictures taken did not serve enough justice on what Mile High Comics actually had. I could have been there for hours looking at all of the rare comics. We created a video with some of the pictures we did take. 

The Mile High Comics Mega Store definitely is a place any comic book enthusiast would want to visit. This is the greatest collection I have ever seen in one store. The number of years put into this collection is truly unbelievable. 

The "Amazingness" of this Mega Store does not only contain comics, but there were toys and collectibles. The display of collectibles and toys was great as well. 

There were statues and mini busts from Marvel, DC, Image Comics, and independent companies. 

Yes, that is Voltron!! All of the childhood toys were everywhere!

Being a Pop Culture Zealot, the Mile High Comics Mega Store has it all. There were action figures as well! 

Disney fans should be very pleased with the collectibles Mile High Comics had as well, with some rare, original pieces. 

Again, the pictures that we did take at the Mile High Comics Mega Store did not serve enough justice because of what this store actually has. I really enjoyed my time there and I am very glad I made a visit. The staff were great and really wished I could be there for the Denver Comic Con this week. They said that attendees will be picking up their badges and some of the special guests will be present for the Denver Comic Con Opening Gala this Thursday, June 14th. 

Thank you Mile High Comics!! 

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