Monday, May 28, 2012

Marvel vs. Capcom Party at the Phoenix Comicon 2012

The 2012 Phoenix Comicon has come to a close and we had a blast this past weekend! Great panels, guests, and lots of extras after the exhibit hall closed each evening. Saturday evening would have a few big events, such as the Anime Rave: Pokemon and Ninjas vs. Pirates, Geek Prom, Masquerade, and the Marvel vs. Capcom Party. 

We attended the Marvel vs. Capcom party, which would include performances by Snubby J and Mega Ran aka Random. Last year, Mega Ran had a show for Phoenix Comicon and we loved it! We have had the opportunity to see him perform a few times now and we were not going to miss this opportunity to see him again.

The show would begin with Snubby J to start off. We did not know anything about Snubby J, but I was really looking forward to his performance. I am a fan of the Blue Man Group and Kent Jenkins (Snubby J) was inspired by them to create his very own pvc instrument, Rimba Tubes. 

He set the show off right with his performance by playing some very familiar and popular video game tracks. The crowd was amazed by his first song as we were and we had to get some video footage. He would perform the Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody, which would be the first time he performed it. It was amazing because of his performance, but because of the audience participation as you can hear. 

Snubby J definitely rocked the crowd with his performance and he would end it right with an original.

Next up after Snubby J, would be Mega Ran's aka Random's performance with his DJ, DN3. He would start off his show a bit different this time with a special guest, Snubby J to join him for his intro and it was incredible! He played a very familiar video game that you will definitely recognize on his Rimba Tubes.

Mega Ran always knows how to liven up the crowd and he does it again with an amazing performance. He also brought a couple of guests along, Mr. Miranda and MC Pennywise. Random and Mr. Miranda known as Mirandom would perform Planet Silk. I love this track! MC Pennywise would then join them to perform a Writer's Guild track, which is the three members along with RoQy TyRaiD. Mega Ran always does something that continues to amaze me every time we get to see him perform, his freestyle track. This is where the audience will hold something in their hand and he will freestyle about it in his rhymes. We would be fortunate again to be included in his song!! Go Koalas!! 

Thanks again Mega Ran aka Random and DJ DN3 for another amazing performance!

Toniekills of Angry Koala Gear as Chun Li in front of the Marvel vs. Capcom Party banner! 

Amazing surprise after the show! Mega Ran was wearing the Angry Koala Gear t-shirt!!

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