Monday, April 9, 2012

Learn How to Draw with Jason Pedersen

Have you ever wanted to learn the techniques to draw your own comic strip or comic? Do not have the time or may not afford to take that art class? Well, we may have found that perfect opportunity, especially if you live or are near the Tucson, AZ area! 

Our local comic store, Heroes and Villains Comics and Adventure is offering that perfect opportunity for people of all ages. Heroes and Villains had offered these classes a few years ago and wanted to try to bring them back to the community. Lucky for them, Jason Pedersen, a great illustrator and comic artist wanted the same. We wanted to learn a little bit about Jason Pedersen and interviewed him recently. 

After talking to Jason Pedersen, we learned that there is still space available for the class. We may have to join because I want him to teach me "How angry to make the Koala". He is a great guy and with what he has said, the class will learn all the important techniques in drawing. Another important factor is that the classes will be open to 10 students, which will allow for one on one time. To learn more information on how to sign up for the class, here is the flyer!

Thanks again to Jason Pedersen and Eric Esquivel of Heroes and Villains for offering these great classes!

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