Monday, March 26, 2012


Because Mr. LaDouche has been going through Walking Dead withdrawal:

Have you ever wondered if you could survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Well you may get your chance! A group called "Zed Events" is putting on a full immersion 4-5 hour zombie attack in an abandoned shopping mall. Upon arriving groups of up to 15 individuals are equipped with airsoft weapons and gear and put through a basic training and survival tutorial by a Police special firearms team. Next comes the fun! The experience comes in 2 stages starting with a "run, hide, survive" round where participants have to survive for about 2.5 hours with very limited ammunition and only a few more possibilities of acquiring more. The second stage is a series of missions that play out something like a video game. Both sessions last up to 2.5 hours and tickets cost about $158 which includes all the joy described plus coffee, tea and snacks. This is sure to be an insane adrenaline rush! Check out the video below and then check out their website:

The only downside to this awesome event (for those of us in the US) is that it is only happening in the UK in Reading (about a half hour by train from London). The event started this month (March 2012) and is limited to the date of the malls (as of yet) unscheduled demolition. If you have a trip to the UK scheduled or can make a trip out soon, contact the geniuses at Zed Events and book your tickets asap! Can't wait until something like this hits the South West part of the US, maybe Angry Koala can do something about that, hmm...

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