Friday, March 16, 2012

Mars Attacks Invades Gentle Giant Studios at WonderCon

Well, Day 1 has come to a close here in Anaheim, CA for WonderCon 2012! Great panels, costumes, special guests, announcements, and yes, an exclusive first look for Angry Koala Gear. We had the opportunity to chat with Greg Crafts of Gentle Giant Studios and he said, "I have a surprise to share with you guys". I was very excited when he mentioned this and felt like a child that just learned they would be getting ice cream. 

Greg mentioned that Gentle Giant has recently acquired a new license in Mars Attacks. Mars Attacks is actually celebrating 50 years this year. We were already scheduled to meet with him to talk about the WonderCon exclusive Yoda in 3D glasses and popcorn mini bust, but I think we were both too excited to talk about the amazing piece. He mentioned that late last night he was handed this prototype to unveil at the WonderCon and he wanted us to be the first to share this incredible news! 

Gentle Giant Studios has two Mars Attacks pieces lined up so far with this being the first. It is a holiday ornament that will be available to pre-order very soon. The second Mars Attacks piece is still in development, but it will also be a holiday ornament. The second one will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary in Mars Attacks and will actually look very similar to the Vintage Topps Cards that originally created Mars Attacks. We are really looking forward to seeing this piece! 

The Mars Attacks holiday ornament is truly an amazing piece! The detail is incredible and should come to no surprise coming from Gentle Giant Studios. This is just another reason why Gentle Giant Studios is one of our favorites. 

We just want to thank Greg Crafts and Gentle Giant Studios for sharing this first look into their new line in Mars Attacks with Angry Koala Gear. 

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