Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fatale #3 Sells Out

FATALE #3, the latest issue of the horror noir comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, sold out a week before its in-store date of March 14. This marks the third issue in a row of the Image Comics series to sell out, making it the best-selling of Brubaker's and Phillips' collaborations to date. A second printing has already been scheduled and it will be in stores on April 4, the same day as FATALE #4.
Initial orders for FATALE #3 increased from those of FATALE #2, but it still was not enough to meet demand for the issue, continuing the trend for the series. FATALE #1 has already gone into a fourth printing and FATALE #2 has reached three printings.

"I'm completely blown away by the response to Fatale, from even our long-time fans and retail supporters. I feel like we're an overnight success, twelve years into our collaborative career," said Brubaker. "And let me tell you, this story is just getting started."

Centering on a beautiful, mysterious — and dangerous — woman named Jo who has ruined every man who has crossed her path, FATALE holds hints of supernatural horror and more than a touch of evil.

FATALE is a full-color comic book series available in comic book stores and multiple digital platforms. Each issue has 24 pages of ad-free story, plus essays on horror and noir fiction by Jess Nevins and Charles Kelly that will not be reprinted in collections.

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