Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Toy Hunters Has Been Given Greenlight on the Travel Channel

Travel Channel has greenlit two new original unscripted series and announces the development of two original travel series to complement the Network’s robust programming slate for 2012.   New series include “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America” (wt), featuring popular host and “comfort food czar” Richman as he travels from coast to coast on his personal quest to find the BEST sandwiches made in the U.S.A., and “Toy Hunters,” showcasing toy collector Jordan Hembrough, as he searches throughout the country for the rarest toys and turns them into big profit.
“Toy Hunters” will be a weekly half-hour series which follows toy and collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough as he scours the country for hidden treasures to sell to his buyers around the world.  Originally a special that aired on the Network last month, this original series centers on Hembrough and his quest to claim the status as the ultimate toy collector.  In each of the twelve episodes, Hembrough travels from city to city strategically maneuvering around reluctant sellers, abating budgets and avoiding unforeseen roadblocks.  For this toy hunter, poking through cramped attics and rummaging around dirty garages to score rare vintage items is all in a day’s work.  “Toy Hunters” will be produced by Sharp Entertainment with Travel Channel’s Stone Roberts as executive producer.

When we heard the news that Toy Hunters was being given a series on the Travel Channel, we were very excited. We have been following the status of Toy Hunters from the very beginning and we were able to keep in contact with Jordan Hembrough through the whole process. We just want to congratulate Jordan and look forward to what is to come of the series.

Stay tuned as we get more updates on the series to come on the Travel Channel!

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