Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mega Ran (AKA Random) In-Store Concert and Autograph Session at Heroes and Villains

     Random aka "Mega Ran" is a Capcom-sponsored rapper who spits rhymes about Mako Reactors and 8-bit bosses over remixed videogame soundtracks.

It's exactly like it sounds: AWESOME!

And he's swinging by Heroes and Villains on February 25th from 5pm-6pm for a FREE mini-concert and autograph session before his show at Vaudeville Cabaret Tucson at 8pm!

The concert is absolutely FREE, but bring some scratch for T-shirts and buttons and vinyl and stuff :)

If you do not know who Mega Ran (Random) is, he has done quite a few albums using some amazing beats that may be very familiar, especially if you are a gamer! Not only has he used classic beats from Mega Man, but he also has used music from Final Fantasy. His music has been aired in TV from TNA Wrestling to ESPN with his new hit, Mega Ran's Jeremy Lin Rap!!

This is one of my favorites!

Please check out Heroes and Villains Facebook page! We thank them for setting up another great event!

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