Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hunter Dunny and Deer Bothead from Keithing

Keithing creates some amazing custom designer toys and vinyls. 

He is currently working on a 8" Dunny and the Bothead by Ashley Wood. These pieces have a "Deer Hunting" theme.

Here are a couple of his new pieces he has created:

"Hunter Dunny" - Inserted a pair of fake antler, comes with a 7.5" long weapon. Edition of 6, $375.00ea.

"Deer BotHead" - This one is hardcore, I thought about something more than just a toy custom, I inserted a pair of REAL antler on it, each antler is about 16" across long. You can hang the figure on the wall or display it like other toys on the shelf. Edition of 6 $649.99ea.

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