Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glen Tavern Inn Event: Hosted by Bill Murphy from SyFy's Fact of Faked

If you are into the paranormal, then one of the must see shows is SyFy's, Fact or Faked.  Bill Murphy, the scientific expert of the Fact or Faked investigative team, along with his wife, Anita McMillan-Murphy,  will be hosting a conference at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California, March 23-25.  Bill will be joined by Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International, and other guest speakers involved in the paranormal field.  Bill will be speaking about "The Pearl Experiment" which took place, on site at the Glen Tavern Inn.  The Pearl Experiment was "... an unusual experiment that had a goal of manifesting a thought form from mental energy. The process involved a combination of different strategies taken by those who have attempted to create an entity that would result in evidence of it's existence...  The experiment was conducted with the idea that the guest of the Inn could possibly record audio or visual media as a result of our efforts."  Bill will also discuss the results of this initial experiment, as well as begin the next phase, "... this time examining the influence of group intention over atomic particles."  For those interested in the paranormal... I know there are a lot of paranormal geeks out there... I think this would be a great event to check out.  If you would like to read more about this event, please visit the website at  Ghost Town TV. 

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