Sunday, February 12, 2012

AMC's The Walking Dead Story Sync

The return of The Walking Dead was back on tonight on AMC. We have patiently been waiting to see what would occur on Hershel's farm in the aftermath of the killing of the walkers in the barn and Sophia's return. Rick and Shane definitely will have a tough time to ever see eye to eye. The second half of season 2 is going to be great and tonight's episode did not miss a beat. 

AMC has been great in tweeting, keeping us up to date in their Facebook page, and The Talking Dead, but they added a new interactive twist in their Story Sync. The Walking Dead Story Sync allowed fans to discuss the episode as the show aired. They also had Twitter up live to allow the viewers to see the tweets as they were coming. 

Not only was there the Discussion section, but there was also the Synched Content section, which provided great sneak peeks, photos, trivia, and polls. 

Great pic from The Walking Dead Story Sync, "Kill Shot"

Great polls! 

Great addition of adding information on weapons! 

Great sneak peek clips into Episode 209

We loved this great addition into AMC's The Walking Dead by providing live discussion during the airing of the episode. We will definitely be participating in this each week.

Did you get a chance to participate? If so, what are your thoughts? Did you enjoy it? 


  1. I played with that synced content and thought it was cool, but they didn't do enough with it. They should make it a game or something.

    1. That would be cool to add a game as well! Did you get a chance to be part of the discussion section? That was great.